The Fit from Faith wellness ministry was created to help Catholics throughout the world flourish and thrive by becoming something more through their approach to health and wellness.  Fit from Faith works to bring out the best in mind, body, and spirit through wellness coaching that focuses on growing in virtue and habit change.  Wellness is a way of life.  In order to operate at optimal potential in the world and grow in holiness, we must be balanced in mind, body, and spirit.  Only then is it possible to be fit instruments for the kingdom on earth and fulfill the Lord’s plan for our lives.

In order to help you journey towards becoming a balanced temple of the Holy Spirit, Fit from Faith will guide you on the path to internal and external transformation. This process includes physical (exercise and nutrition), spiritual (relationship with our Lord), and emotional (the authentic self) dimensions of wellness. The Fit from Faith process unites secular world principles along with biblical truths to create habit change that results in becoming one in mind, body, and spirit.

Fit from Faith draws from the insights of Catholic anthropology and morality to help bring about real and lasting change.  The transformation process is never easy.  It’s one that challenges us to dive deep into our wounds and brokenness to unpack some of the greatest insights about ourselves in order to live healthy and virtuously. We are not capable of succeeding at this on our own.  We ask Our Lady for her wisdom as we fast on that which weighs us down (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) so we can feast on what the Lord has in store for us!

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