Lindsay was so helpful, educated, and spiritual – it made my day of self reflection perfect with our Lord.  She will be SUCH a beautiful asset and inspiration to young women!


St. Charles Parish, Parma, OH

The concept of Fit from Faith is great.  We don’t often realize the connection between our physical and spiritual well-being.  The information presented at the wellness retreat was excellent and it was such an enjoyable day!


St. Basil Parish, Brecksville, OH

The information given was able to be applied to daily life – not overwhelming.  It was nice not to hear about specific diets or exercise fads that we hear about all of the time.


St. Barnabas Parish, Northfield, OH

Lindsay’s methods can be easily adapted and applied to daily living.


St. Charles Parish, Boardman, OH

The best part was learning to combine the spiritual piece into the mind and body for complete wellness that our Lord wants us to truly have.


St. Bernadette Parish, Westlake, OH

Lindsay’s wellness retreat enabled me to take a good look at myself and reflect on what I can change with the help of God.


Immaculate Conception Parish, Ravenna, OH

Lindsay helped me to inner search myself and reflect on how I can make changes in my life.


Christ the Good Shepard Parish, Campbell, OH

Lindsay validated the ideas and beliefs I already knew which freed me to go deeper and ask more questions of myself and the Lord.

unknown retreatant

Lindsay’s youth, enthusiasm, and passion are contagious and captured the audience!


St. Charles Parish, Parma, OH

Lindsay is very relatable and passionate about her work.  Working with her has shifted my perspective and outlook on how I view myself and my health.


St. Mary's Parish, Hudson, OH

The delivery and amount of content was just right.  The periodic breaks in reflection were fantastic.  I would recommend Fit from Faith to others and think many people could benefit from it.


St. Martin's Parish, Valley City, OH

The idea that who we’re meant to be – spirit, mind, and body have to be joined and that the spirit gives us the ability to do this was the best realization of the retreat.


St. Mary’s Parish, Berea, OH

Working with Lindsay has helped me to understand how important it is to have a healthy body to develop a spiritual life.


St. Mary’s Parish, Warren, OH

The time to think, reflect, and meditate was amazing. Everything was so relevant to me and my life. Thank you. I had many “AHA” moments and take aways. You inspired me!


St. Columbkill Parish, Parma, OH

Lindsay’s personal story about her journey of discovering the love of God and finding time in her daily life to pray is inspiring.


St. Bernadette, Westlake, OH

I received new insights into wellness.  The presentation was excellent.  God bless Lindsay in this ministry!


St. Clarence, North Olmsted, OH