Mary had the announcement of all announcements.  Her announcement was the most important one that has ever existed in the history of the world.  In its reception, it changed all of history.  And all of our lives.  Think about what it was like at that time in history….

“Mary, all of creation is waiting to hear your answer.  All those who have died are waiting.  All those are holding their breath are waiting for your answer.  Don’t hesitate too long.  We need you to say yes.  Because if you don’t say yes, we don’t receive our Savior.”

Once this announcement takes place, everything else starts to unfold.

This lady made it all possible because she said ‘yes.’

‘Yes’ I give my body to you, ‘yes’ I give my will to you to allow you to do with me what you choose.

Our Lady was able to say ‘yes.’

We can continue to give our ‘yes’ to the workout that we don’t feel like doing, push out two more reps when we feel like stopping, eat the vegetables  when we don’t feel like it.

Remember, Mary changed the course of history and her life with her ‘yes.’  You just might change the course of your life with your continued ‘yes’ to healthy living.